We provide support for parents and carers of autistic children and dependants.

We are determined that the outcomes families are seeking for their children and dependants will be achieved. 
We do our best to bring relief by supporting families and creating events for parents who want to meet with other parents of autistic children.

What we do here is serious, we have children who are dealing with mental health crisis, often with no understanding of what they are facing, often not able to verbalise their very basic needs never mind the very complex nature of their mental health challenges. 

These amazing parents have such resilience, such belief in their precious children and young people. We are proud of what relief this project is able to bring. 

We have an advisor who has a diploma in law and is looking to complete the LLB soon. We understand the need for a "high level trust buy-in" so we have someone who has more than the 90 CPD credits welfare advisors are required to have. This is someone who has lived the life and has been running the advisory service with the level of success you will find on our Testimonials Page.