The team are phenomenal, tenacious and have brought some relief to my family. Thank you Tolu. Karen G


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Tanya o reilly
2 months ago

Tolu,,all i can say is thank you. thank you .thank you , absolutely fabulous lady you helped me with both my autistic daughters from advice to welfare help ,and my housing issues just listening to me constantly complaining you were an absolute angel for your knowledge and support ,i will definitely tell everyone about the fantastic service you provide for parents who would be lost without you xxxx

Rina B
8 months ago

Working with Tolu from the Hotaach project has been an invaluable experience. At a time when I needed urgent support for my child with autism, Tolu not only showed up for my daughter's school meeting at short notice but consistently went above and beyond. She made herself available for evening and weekend calls to suit my schedule, providing guidance and encouragement during moments of uncertainty.

Tolu's dedication and expertise have empowered me with a newfound confidence in navigating the support system for my child. Her unwavering support has been a beacon of strength, and I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact she has had on our journey. Tolu is not just a professional; she is a compassionate advocate, and her commitment to families like mine is truly commendable.

Franceise R
a year ago

From the bottom of my heart Tolu I thank you and this wonderful advocacy service you have for helping my son, daughter and I in sorting out my housing issue. Your knowledge of the system and your passion for helping families in need is amazing, admirable, greatly appreciated and needed. I am forever grateful and will recommend you to anyone I know that is in need of a service like yours. May the Creator continue to bless you, your family and the Hotaach Project.

Zainab Ibrahim
a year ago

Today Tolu and I embarked on the final stretch of the Phased Transfer process - the tribunal! She managed to convey the succinct details of my case with ease and humility all the while keeping in mind my son's best interests, and ensuring a guaranteed win. I hope by God's grace you achieve all that you desire, and many more. I can't thank you enough and I hope I can meet you in person to give you a great big hug and take you out for afternoon tea!

a year ago

Thank you Hotaach for the personalised support and advocacy you provide to children and their families. Navigating social care and welfare services can be a daunting and complicated experience but Hotaach helps parents understand and confidently access the support available to them in the community. Thank you Hotaach for listening to families, and for offering advice and advocacy that helps to achieve meaningful change in their lives.

a year ago

The second outing the last couple of years with the organisation. I bless the lord for the fact by his grace and mercy, l have not have course to regret. Thanks be to God for excellently pastor Ola and amazingly Tolu and the rest of the team .

a year ago

Thank you so much Tolu for coming through in such a short notice and you delivered. When I thought all hope were lost Tolu came to the rescue with the issue of getting a suitable accommodation for my child with disability and family.
I not hesitate to contact you again if need be and I will definitely recommend you to others around me.

I appreciate your time and effort. GOD will continue to bless you and the hands of your work. Keep up the good work Tolu, you are amazing and easy to work with.

Kate Adams
a year ago

Tolu Tolu This Is What They were fighting against. I am very proud of you. The testimonials are amazingly accurate. Note that you will focus on GOD and the children at the centre of your assessments.

I know you don't need me but I am here and I remain your loyal pizante to the end. Chai Omo go on sowun o jare and God Bless

2 years ago

Wow, really amazing resource. Outstanding service, exceptionally equipped regarding service needs, determined and intuitive, patient, loves this community, driven by a directorship where Excellence is the order of the day.


2 years ago

Well done Tolu with this aspiring initiative. You have been passionate about helping families who have been wronged by the government. Your enthusiasm is truly inspiring and infectious and I’m sure that this is felt by the kids with special needs you have been supporting. Well done and more grease to your elbows.